Auto paint color chart

Auto paint color chart

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SignWarehouse is proud to introduce a revolutionary new product called ACI PaintFilm. ACI PaintFilm uses automotive grade paint which has been applied to a vinyl substrate, then coated with a specially formulated automotive clear-coat. The result is a new chemical compound with the brilliant finish and deep, rich color of custom automotive paint, and the conformability and ease of application of ultracalendared vinyl.

ACI PaintFilm is ideal for those customers who desire a custom painted look for their vehicle without the cost and loss of time of actually taking their vehicle to a Paint and Body Shop. Case in point: Ford Mustang racing stripes are a popular custom automotive paint application. Typically, a body shop or custom auto business charges $2,000 on average to paint racing stripes on a Mustang has to keep the customer's vehicle for up to two weeks. With your Vinyl Express Q Series or other plotter, you can sell and apply Mustang racing stripes in a variety of Ford paint colors: including Torch Redfor half the cost; and pocket a handsome profit!

ACI PaintFilm is also ideal for use in motorsports for partial or complete wraps on race cars. The Kandy and Kustom finishes are lustrous and, since the paint is applied like vinyl, scratched or damaged fenders can be patched in minutes. Just load the film in your plotter, cut it and apply as needed. In addition to the Kustom patterns, ACI PaintFilm offers four popular fades, including a yellow to red fade ideal for flame graphics. Each Kustom or faded PaintFilm pattern is in fact custom painted on the vinyl substrate. So your finished graphic is unique and gives your customer the look of a professional custom paint job without the hassle of masking, painting, clear-coating, baking, and drying, and curing. Just cut it, apply it, and sell it.

And because it's clear-coated paint, ACI PaintFilm graphics can be waxed, polished or buffed, and don't require lamination. ACI PaintFilm was developed by a SignWarehouse customer using a Vinyl Express Q series cutter, so it is completely compatible with your VE Q Series vinyl cutter.

What about sizes and prices? SignWarehouse recommends the 30" x 3yd rolls with the Air Egress Adhesive* option. Prices for this popular size are $190.00 for standard and Kandy colors, and $210.00 for Kustom patterns and Fades. Other sizes are available upon request. For more information, or to receive a sample ACI PaintFilm color chart, contact a SignWarehouse supplies sales consultant at 866-224-1808.
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