Candy paint

Candy paint

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Candy paint video:

a video update showing how the paint is coming along....the black wheels look much better now that you can see it coming together.

Roy Devore, the man responsible for painting my Tahoe is on this one as well. The paint is Candy blue, closer to an "electric" blue. The rims were custom made for this truck by Ali at AZA wheels, hit up their website at if you want to see the real deal in rims..... they are a 3 piece staggared dish, the video is on youtube if you want a closer look. Of course we are running wilwood brakes and if you watch the video it gives a glimpse of whats inside.

Check out my website to see this thing built from the ground up...... .stevemeadedesigns/board and look under "meades builds" - you will see thousands of pics of this thing being built. Check back soon for updates!! | Contact | Privacy Policy
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