Car Painting Job

When you’re preparing for car painting job it’s very important to follow several steps, because it can be critical to a good paint job. Frankly speaking 90% of all the work is prepearing and 10% is actually painting the car. So if you’re going to car painting all preliminary work you can do yourself to save some cash. Its not very difficult and you can do is easily with our tips.

1. First of all wash your car and remove all logos. You might want to remove antenna and door handles aswell.
2. If your car have any rust that can be critical, so survey your car body carefully and perform cleaning and patching that may be needed. Your car’s body will be flat and smooth.
3. Sand down the car.
4. Spray two to three coats of high-build primer over the entire vehicle.

Car Painting Job

5. "Block sand" the entire car once the car is in a high-build primer and it is completely dry.
6. Then its time for cleaning solvent and wax or grease remover.
7. Lightly wet or dry-sand the new primer with 600- to 800-grit sandpaper, always using a sanding block and never with your bare hands. This will give you a nice, smooth surface for a primer sealer. Wipe down the car once more with a solvent or grease remover.
8. Apply a couple of coats of a "primer sealer." The sealer will give your new paint a smooth surface to lie on and will help to seal in your primers, glazing compounds and fillers that may have been applied during the process. The primer sealer does not require any sanding, and care should be taken that the sealer remains perfectly clean. It is best to put the primer sealer on the car just before painting. You are now ready for new paint.


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Watch Car Painting Job video below for more tips.

Tape wet paint, masking off the body line for the rocker trim, taking care not to pull off the wet sealer or fresh primer; learn how in this free auto-maintenance video.

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