Spray painting a car

Spray painting a car

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Spray painting a car video:

So yeah...
I&http://car-painting.narod.ru39;m poor.
So I painted my car.

...did I mention that I love it!?
Cuz I do ^_^

Jump Points:
0:15 Car Greeting
2:30 Wet Sanding
4:00 Car Dries
4:55 Taping/Preping Car
5:45 Painting (Rear)
7:05 Painting (Front)
7:50 The Finished Product!


Black - Rust-oleum Gloss Protective Enamel
Painters Tape

Thats it!

***Disclaimer: Yes BITCHES it IS a ricer! Imma tell you this before hand cuz I&http://car-painting.narod.ru39;m tired of all the haters on YouTube already (its only been 2 days!) So if you don&http://car-painting.narod.ru39;t like Tuners/Foreigners/Ricers or w/e then LEAVE RIGHT NOW DUMBASSES! Don&http://car-painting.narod.ru39;t watch the whole thing just to leave a negative resopnse! GOSH FK&http://car-painting.narod.ru39;N IDIOTS.***

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